Hi, my name is Meagan, and I am a librarian, bibliophile, and hopeful writer. Let’s Get Classical is my response to Maura Kelly’s Atlantic blogpost, “A Slow Books Manifesto,” in which she argues for a new “slow” movement, a “Slow Books Movement.” Not unlike the Slow Foods’ call for a more healthful, substantive diet, the Slow Books Movement challenges readers to choose more substantive reading material—serious literature that encourages quiet contemplation and that broadens self-awareness. Slow Books is neither an alarmist reaction to technology nor a nostalgic longing for the past–meaningful works of literature exist whether or not they are in print or electronic formats. Rather, the point of slow reading is simply to challenge minds and stimulate reflection—developing our ability to think critically and to form new ideas.

Let’s Get Classical provides recommended reading of classic works available in the public domain. As a librarian, I feel an especial need to remind everyone of the masterpieces that are available to everyone to read, for free–and what a gift that is. Each post is meant to inspire your reading–to get you on the couch with a book (or Kindle!) in one hand and a cup of hot tea in the other. Consider me the Olivia Newton John of reading workouts.